This blog is devoted to mostly solo-wargaming and creative writing.

I’m a miniatures guy with a lifelong love of 20mm plastics that’s endured since the late 60s when I first found Donald Featherstone’s seminal books and wanted to replicate his games with 1/72 Airfix models (what I could only afford at the time as a teenager) on a home-made sand table. Since those early days, I’ve continually immersed myself in model wargaming and miniature modelling, although it’s much like skinny dipping: a bit of water and dampness here and there, and thus you can convince yourself that you’ve been swimming!

I’m very much a dabbler in most things I do – not just writing and modelling. The few things I do well enough always demand improvement and development. But being resistant to any form of change – even the alluring creative kind – has always remained a personal mental struggle. Being indolent is another major contributing factor in preventing me from developing further my craft.

My writing – especially the shortened form that teeters between verse and a spoken sort of rhythmic prose – has only taken off in the last few years. It’s one of those developmental stages that will travel so far before it somehow peters out. When that time comes isn’t worth dwelling on as I’m still creatively charged enough to want to write still. But when I reach that point where I can’t, or won’t, be bothered then it will be time. Until then.


I don’t have a problem with people sharing stuff from this blogsite; after all, sharing is the name of the game. All I ask is that you please acknowledge the author of these works whenever sharing my poems and prose.


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