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New Modelling Diary for 2017

2 February 2017

Finished twenty-four stands of Early Soviets and two Austin Mk III armoured cars. The former are necessary while the latter will be added to the other vehicles that will be associated with the period. All that’s required is an armoured train, some more cavalry, and I’m sort of done for a while with painting and assembling. I wouldn’t say no to a river gunboat but I’m not sure if anyone makes them in 1/72 scale. May have to scratch build it if I don’t have any success locating them.

I’m unsure whether or not to use the armoured cars in the upcoming first game. Second thought is to use it in the next scenario.

30 January 2017


Finished the quick colour scheme of these Renault FT17s. The model is so easy to assemble with just six pieces – three for the hull and tracks and three for the turret. Best build thus far for a long while. The optional turrets are awesome; it allows me to field all as either MGs or little cannons.

Gone with two distinct colour schemes – one side is green and the other is grey (metal). Painted the tread in Vallejo Terracotta. Going to run one of the metal colours, thinly dry brushed over, to finish it off. Final touch with some highlighting, and she’s done.

For my medieval gaming, I did some stake in the ground terrain pieces using the cast-off sprues — the round ones, of course. Lengths of stakes protruding from the ground are variable. I’ve superglued them to a piece of balsa. This, in turn, is glued to a piece of irregular shaped card to as a counter balance. Then dolloped PVA glue towards the back end with fine sand.

I’ve used Vallejo Terracotta for the trunk colour on most of them while some still in their primer coating. Tips were painted using Vallejo Pale Flesh to show they’ve been freshly cut. Mottled ground colouring with some foliage to be added tonight. While I went with fine sand because it’s the only thing hand, it’s just too fine, so I’m going to have to look round for some larger granules.

One of the Lion Rampant retinues is done as far as assembling goes. Still some fine-tuning with the painting on some of the knights and few foot who seem to have a colour identity crises.

23 January 2017

Some more work on painting – just to get back in the swing of things. Really wanting to post better pictures of what’s been done thus far.


Her head snapped off tonight. I had placed in her my pocket and somehow forgot she was there. It’s given me an excuse to change the pose of the head to a slight tilt to the left, as if sizing up her next victim. Re-blued the hair using Blue Ink, then went over again with a light blue. I will extend the skin tone down to her monster feet (boy, are they big and in need of a good nail trim!). Once done, I can concentrate on the rest of the figure. Added plain sand and flock. Still like the old West feel of this figure. From what I’ve been reading, the Wild West was a very naughty time.


A really clearer view of the Eldar Warlock. He reminds me of a flower, probably because of pastel look, so I’m calling him Mr. Daisy. But I really like what I’ve done in terms of painting the model. It’s colourful but not overly sordid, as you sometimes see with the Eldar.  It’s distinctive without being too gaudy and yet quite natural in that it will blend into any scenery. Tonight I just lightened the sword using White first then Ghost Grey. I used Bone on the wraithbone emblem. I then touched up the light blue where required. I’m happy with it as a gaming model but as something for display, and a challenge to me as a model painter, there is probably more I can do. Have to wait and see what.


This is an old unpainted project from several years back. He’s Coach Rico, Inquisitor and Head Coach of the Molokai Honeys, an all-nun Blood Bowl team. It’s from a local sculptor (a veteran modeller and sculptor whose first name is Victoria. She operates out of South Australia but is globally well known. I loved this the instant I saw it. The look on the figure’s face and the pose hooked me. He is part of a group of four I bought. At the time, I got as far basecoating it Gory Red and applying Black Wash. Since then, it’s been sitting ignored until a few days ago. Tonight, all I’ve done is try to see which wash works on the face. And then I’ve added a highlight of Ghost Grey and Light Blue. Dry brushed, of course. I will mute the highlighting with wash again before applying softer tones of the clergy’s attire.


This chap is part of Coach Rico’s team. Because of the flight cap and goggles, he’s known as Captain Biggles. Wonderful facial expression. And that moustache is superb. Great figure.


The Yeti monster belonging to the Dragon Tong company from the In Her Majesty’s Name game. Another neglected mini that got a bit of TLC tonight. I redid the blue skin tone: tried to make the blue skin more blended and with depth. It’s early days so what you see here won’t necessarily be the end-product. At least that’s the plan.

I’m a big fan of letting the light provide depth and detail on a figure. As these photos hopefully have shown, when the light is right, the detail on the model, especially around the face, can really enhance the viewing pleasure. Or so I can convince myself. Until next post. Cheers.

21 January 2017

Spent the afternoon catching up on some painting of minis, mainly facial tones. SYW, Cossacks, Templar knights, Inquisition, WW1 figures (Germans, British, Americans), Warhammer harpies. Going to have to invest in a decent digital camera. My mobile and tablet have both let me down lately, failing to produce decent photos. It can be frustrating when comparing what is photographed and what is seen in person.

Wanted to make this harpy from GW as humanly as possible. I started with Vallejo Bronze Flesh and lightened the tone with Ghost Grey in successive light tones until it was Ghost Grey with a dab of Bronze Flesh tone. The corset was basecoated in Royal Purple. Then I used Lichen Purple to fill the inner, not being too concerned about being neat. I used Ghost Grey as an initial highlight before going over the inner area this time with Warlock Purple. The trim on the corset was first basecoated with Ghost Grey before applying a Brass coating.

The figure had already been primed with Black. Magic Blue was chosen for the hair basecoating. Light Blue mixed with Magic Blue was then applied in streaks starting from the centre moving out. Then I carefully added Light Blue to provide some more depth in the highlighting. The final highlighting was Ghost Grey mixed with the Light Blue lightly brushed from the centre out.

She is very much reminiscent of the Wild West saloon girls. Which might be a nice theme for the rest of the group.

16 January 2017

Change in work schedule meant an opportunity to start on some painting, an itch that’s been in need of scratching for some time now but which I was reluctant to do so because of the heat these past few days. Anyway, tonight I was able to make a start by priming a few minis and start painting up others.

Opened up one of the WW1 German infantry boxes by Zvezda and primed those as well as the Teutonic Knights (Esci). Especially excited about these medieval figures because it allows me to expand my narrative in Lion Rampant to now include these fanatics from the Baltic/East European region. Using Vallejo paints (the 72 colours case I bought several years back has repaid itself many times over, even if some of the colours need a fair amount of agitation to get them flowing properly), I began painting the “white” elements of the Teutonic Order kit. I also started painting the 4 HaT German medium artillery guns and crews that were already primed. The Cossack mounts for Red Actions also received some colour.

Any excess paint was used upon the mountain of existing minis that are in varying stages of painting completion. One lucky recipient were some Austro-Hungarians for DBN sitting on my crowded workbench. These are 20mm figures. Their white uniforms were looking very heavily washed over so I spruced them up with leftover Ghost Grey. That grey was also spread onto my 6mm SYW minis.

I even touched up one of the Eldar Warlocks I had basecoated some time last year and which was patiently and quietly sitting on one of the cluttered shelves atop my workbench. Somehow, dabbling with it led to spending a bit more time and effort on it so that it now looks like this:


The muted colour scheme seems to suit the figure; the wraithbone contrast really works with the colour combination of Cayman Green for the basecoated figure. The entire figure was done this way which probably explains why I left it like that last year and moved onto something less complicated to deal with! While experiencing difficulty applying the wraithbone an idea to mute it somehow against the basecoating led to using a watered down wash of mid-blue on the inner garment.


Sadly the photos above do not do the figure any favours in depicting the real colours. Even though it does look okay here, the contrast is more pronounced in real-life. Plus you can see the influence of the mid-blue of the inner garment against the green. Right now, it’s only started. I expect I will apply several layers of this watered-down mid blue followed by Ghost Grey dry brushing. I tried to pronounce the contrast with a bit of a black wash. The outer coat also received a wash of Cayman Green (probably a fifty-fifty mix of water and colour).


Gems will probably be topaz and amethyst in colour; that’s the plan. The wraithbone needs a bit more bone in it while the accroutements and weaponry should prove to entertaining to complete. Hope to post finished pictures some time soon. Cheers.


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