Devine Street V

The gun smoke woke him from his trance. He stared at the torn ruin he had just created. The bruises were fiercely complaining as he slowly got to his unsteady legs. Standing up only sent further painful bursts throughout his body. He felt his neck and came away with blood and the familiar stain of a bite.

He quickly wiped it on his torn pants. Collecting what remained of his arsenal, a shotgun and spiked baseball bat, he threw the .45 away. He had no ammo left for it anyway. He quickly reloaded and then searched for his duffel bag, packed a few things and raced for the door.

Outside, the carnage was still as it was when first the zombies had attacked. Toby knew he had to reach the lab and Dr. Haskill. She had the antidote. But could he make it.

He unlocked the pickup and jumped in. Across the street, some of the wobblies were ransacking his former neighbours’ home. One was on the lawn seemingly tucking into its own breakfast. The woman’s body looked half-eaten. He recognised the ghoul almost as quickly as it swivelled its lank-looking head about and growled towards Toby.

This seemed to alert a group that quickly emerged from the house. A couple were still eating away. Toby prepared his shotgun and started up the truck. But it didn’t stir. The starter seemed to oscillate between “Uh-uh, no way” and “I can’t take this shit no more!”

Toby snarled at the starter and turned it again. The ghoul, who resembled his former neighbour Joe, was staggering over towards him. He was carrying the severed head of what Toby now knew was Joe’s wife.

For a few moments, the starter kept false-starting. Toby paused, long enough to poke his shottie out the truck and blow off the arm of Joe who merely shrugged it off. Those following let a collective groan that seemed to alert many others of these vermin.

As if awoken by the sound of gunfire, the truck suddenly kicked into life and Toby floored it, ramming Joe mercilessly so that the ghoul was thrown hard onto the road. The pickup ran over him, squishing him and providing the other ghouls a free meal.

Toby looked in his rear view mirror and saw the others lamely following. Some raised fists at him but the majority were devouring poor Joe.




Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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