Devine Street VII

The blast from the caulderion cannon masks a lot a things. A lot of very unpleasant things. Like the smell and sound of roasting flesh. Or the same but with pulped flesh and bone. Commander Toby watched from his vantage high in the foothills as the artillery piece shelled the suburb. In particular he watched with grim satisfaction as the adanite shells, containing a lethal explosive gel that resembled ancient napalm but which literally melted soft tissue like nothing slammed into the positions of the rebels. Even from his cammed position, he thought he could hear the howls and screams of those caught on the periphery of this deadly concoction. Against armoured vehicles, the adanite gel, coupled with flashite, had the same effect but with often explosive effect as the flashite often acted as a trigger that caused lethal and shattering eruptions as the enemy ammo contacted it.

Sir, we have an incoming encryption.

Toby showed his irritation at the new recruit, a Comms specialist recently posted to his command post unit.

Well, decrypt it and then give it to me.

The nervous soldier fumbled a response before racing back to his console.

Shall we send in Sub-Commander Rsolnki’ team, sir?

No, lieutenant. Not yet. Wait till they’ve finished their bombardment. Have the other two strike teams checked in on their current location?

Strike Team 35 is in position but 5 is still crossing the creek bed. I’ve told them to make the RV or else.

Good call. What is that?

Toby was peering through his digital viewer and noticed a couple of shiny reflections from amid the shelled out suburb. His scarred face registered surprise when the shiny reflections congealed into a waking Delta-class Interceptor war machine.

What the…?! How did we miss that?

The Interceptor easily ignored the landing artillery shells. Its armour was protected by a Radion Force Displacement shield, meaning it was one of the Elites. The blazon of its unit only confirmed it.

Toby punched his chair. Damnit! How the hell did that get by us? Call back Rsolnik now and withdraw those other two attack teams.

But as he was saying it, he suddenly saw another series of bright reflections rise up. Then another. And another.  Toby could only watch as before his eyes an entire Elite Destructor Force emerged from the ruins of the shelled suburb. The artillery bombardment was now ineffective as the giant armoured war machines effectively acted as an impervious barrier, their force shields nullifying the shattering adanite/flashite rounds with extreme ease. Already they were retaliating by engaging their own formidable arsenal of auric pulsar cannons and adnite missiles at his ground forces.

Very quickly the normally quiet command centre became one excited shouting arena as his units began badgering for assistance.

Today was going to be a very long one.


Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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