In time, as with all things

transient and mortal,

we must part and say

adieu. Whatever you’ve gotten

from me is the same

for me too.  I guess

that classes itself as communicating?

For an exchange takes place

each time we meet and

you respond in kind to what

is offered. It’s not much;

hell, it doesn’t even begin

to pay the debts accumulated

by an unforgiving system

we all subscribe to, willingly

or not. But I’m not here

to chastise what is really

my own fault anyway. Instead,

let’s pass these remaining moments

in cheer and good-hearted nature

until that time to go. And

when that comes, at least

we will have this left to us,

to hold and remember us

by. Cheers to you all.


© 2017 L. Tafa


Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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