Exercise 230611

Upon a merry way,

across a lonely ladybird

I happened.

Why so glum, I asked

politely, waiting for its


I am lost, kind sir,

it said in reply.

My way was clear

before but now

it is seriously 

murky. I’ve

been flying about

in circles for

much of this

spring morn. Will

you help me

find my way


Of course, I replied

only too willing to help

for what is life

without charity and

generosity, freely given

to one and to all?

So I carefully

knelt down and

examined my distressed

friend and saw

that all was

hale and hearty

in all its flying

componentry. I then

checked its body:

no dinks or dents

to be seen,

the sheen of

perfectly rounded body

and outer shell

were a marvel

to behold that

I kept letting

a soft whistle

of sheer admiration.

My friend just

looked at me

in quizzical fashion,

bemused I think

but ever so

polite and accommodating.

Finally, finished, I

stood up. Well,

my dear friend,

I said. It seems

one of your antennae

is broken. This

may account for

your wayward and

circular journey.

My friend smiled

happily at the

news by fluttering

its miracle wings

and outer casing.

But then it

stopped and said:

Oh dear. How will

I continue on then.

Growing a new

one takes time,

and I don’t have time.

Not here. I must

be onward bound.

I smiled.

If you will let

me, I said,

I will take you

there. I have

spare time.

And I will gladly

help out a


The ladybird smiled.

What kindness is

this, it replied

I am truly thankful

and blessed that

you happened along.

For that I must 

sing you a song

in response to your


I thanked my little

friend and carefully

picked it up

and placed it

on my shoulder.

Her tune was light

and springy, and

somehow I knew

the melody. And thus

we two walked

through soft meadows

of colour and light

singing along the way.


© 2017 L. Tafa


Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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