Animals forgive

A dog will come

and kiss you if

it knows you or

trusts you instinctively. And

even cats will too.

Wild creatures might be

less friendly because there

are no human interaction brochures

where they live. So,

you may proceed with

caution or better yet

abstain your self altogether.

The worst examples of

forgivers though are ourselves.

We pride ourselves, sometimes

leeringly, in bringing low

every other human being

because it makes us

feel infinitely better about

ourselves. A fatal belief.

So, why the heck

are you beating yourself

silly when everyone else

are screaming for your

downfall when really the

only one you need

to measure up to

is your own self.

To borrow from a

famous Greek, to thine

own self be you!


© 2017 L. Tafa


Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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