Exercise 300608b

Part Three

O, the Orwellian delights

spring forth upon each

searching rune. But each

quest became its ruin

like Stonehenge and Jack

Frost, as yields were

only words easily lost

in the howling winds.


And try as these

midges now pestering me

might, each wall blankly

stared back until by

good stroking there came

a sighting, a becoming

indeed. Heartened greatly, uproariously

so, I set forth.


In earnest temper, no

doubt aided by visuals

and GPS, I trekked

long and hard, past

celebrations and stellar wars,

past livings and dust,

until finally I reached

the Chasm of Doom

in icy spectacular winter.


His Fortress of Solitude

was silent no more

for I had come to claim

my inheritance, my trumpeting

horn declaring far and

wide that “Yo, wassup!”

would now echo out

throughout the land of

snow wolves and wanderers.


But Father, o Father,

his power unblemished laughed

at my swagger, guffawed

at my insolence. “Who

hails me now as

if intimate with myself.

I yield to no

one, not even a

blinkin’ tiny wee mouse!”


“For mouse you be,

a nothing to me.

How dare you trespass

and consume my Time

as if it were

some evening Sunday feast .

Have I not witnessed

many things beyond imagination?

Fool, better sight is


wasted on the likes

of you…” And so

it flowed like a

torrent, swamping me, drowning

me under its magnitude.

But Styx I prayed

as I weathered this

temporal blast, his spittle

spraying me like rain.


But therein is the

paradox. He didn’t stop;

how could he. He

had all of Time

to prepare his case,

saturating it with words

I knew not nor

suspected they existed. From

standing I sat down.


And waited. And waited.

I’m still waiting. He

sounds like a record,

only more esteemed and

gigantic, like one of

those talking statues or

is it talking head?

“Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

night’s alright for fighting…”


© 2017 L. Tafa



Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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