Model Train Fete Day

12 August 2017

Today, for a change from the usual modelling pace, I went to a local church fete with a friend and his son. The fete was hosting a model train show. It cost nothing to enter other than a gold coin donation. While it was a small show, it had a good attendance. And it was certainly much more worthwhile than going to the Ekka!

I went because I ran into a guy at a local hobby store who told me how to use Milliput for sculpting (for a project I’m currently involved with) and invited me to attend the day where he would be displaying his modelling skills along with his 84 year old mother! Her speciality is assembling model houses with working interiors — lighting, etc. She was sitting at the table next to her sculpting son. Imagine that!


The above character is the sort of figures he sculpts. He even provided a quick tips lesson on moulding heads, capes and hands for me. Great guy.


The main hall featured several train displays. There was even a large-scale Thomas the tank engine display that was a hit with the children. The side hall featured some other model stands. Really liked the planes though. These are actual flying models (done at Tingalpa). The owner said they meet regularly (next one is next month). Among his display was this Fortress, a Halifax (at the back left), two Lancasters, and a Heinkel 111. They took up a bit of room, as can be seen by the scale compared to the table. He said each one normally took up to a year to complete to flying standard.


Each plane even had aircrew which drew my attention, that and the tally scores on the sides underneath the cockpit.


The emblems on the planes are from actual records which adds an air of realism to these fascinating machines.


There was a mix of everything from trains to replica tug boats (above). One stand even had 1/35 military scenes displayed. My personal favourite though, which also happened to a favourite of many there was a fun train display that had everything — a moving carousel, brass bands, parades, twinkling lights and even overhead gondolas! It had won various awards as a crowd favourite at other local train displays. Second favourite would have to be the planes and a typical Queensland outback town scene (the local cinema had Gone With The Wind playing).

Great day.



Author: b20f08

I enjoy solo wargaming and writing. The first caters to the boy that never grew up; the latter satisfies a deep desire to communicate. Cheers.

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